CNN.com - Documents on FBI's surveillance of Kerry stolen - Mar 27, 2004


"The United States vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution Thursday condemning Israel's assassination of Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin."
Yet another reason why I don't say the pledge.


"If you ask what we want, we will unashamedly answer: 'To open a crack in history.'"
—Subcomandante Marcos

Rachel Corrie

We miss you.


Tribal Pakistan

"Muhammad Azam Khan, the political agent and top Pakistani civilian official in South Waziristan, said the government must work with tribal elders and religious leaders to change 25 years of thinking in the tribal areas. After praising Islamist fighters for driving the Soviets out of Afghanistan, the American and Pakistani government have abruptly reversed course.

'One fine morning, you wake and say this is terrorism,' he said."




"A 23-year-old graduate student has been indicted for firebombing or vandalizing 125 sports utility vehicles in the Los Angeles area last summer, prosecutors said on Wednesday."
Follow up to last summer's news- stupid crime doesn't pay.


Darn right

"Kerry disavowed remarks by his onetime rival, former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, that Republicans said cast blame on the United States for last week's bombings of commuter trains in Spain.
In a conference call with reporters Tuesday, Dean said Bush's decision to invade Iraq 'has apparently been a factor in the death of 200 Spaniards over the weekend.'
Bush campaign chairman Marc Racicot angrily asserted in a written statement that '"

Sounds about right to me.

Something is wrong.

"ARKHANGELSK, Russia (AP) -- Rescuers searched for survivors in the ruins of a collapsed apartment Wednesday, but there was little hope of finding anyone 24 hours after a gas explosion ripped the building apart and killed at least 52 residents."

"KOSOVSKA MITROVICA, Serbia-Montenegro (AP) -- Furious ethnic Albanians blaming Serbs for the drowning of two children clashed with Serbs in a gunfight Wednesday that left six dead and more than 300 injured."

"GAZA CITY (CNN) -- Tensions were high Wednesday across Gaza as two Israeli missile strikes in a refugee camp killed four Palestinians and wounded 11 others, Palestinian sources said."

"AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- "Bush's Brain" has been cracked open and exposed for the world to see."


String theory

"This is a hint that perhaps spacetime geometry is not something fundamental in string theory, but something that emerges in the theory at large distance scales or weak coupling. This is an idea with enormous philosophical implications."

Luck? Chance? Skill? Rigging the deck?
How, exactly, are we fortunate enough to be alive?

Space, time and string theory


New Civil Rights Movement?

Consider this:

Strom Thurmond had a black daughter. Dick Cheney has a lesbian daughter.

The Revolution Will Be Visualized

"Paradoxically, even though they graphically portrayed injustices and indignities, Douglas's messages were essentially hopeful. These posters were not meant for the mainstream public, or those inflicting the misery, but gave people suffering in ghettos assurance that the Panthers were working to help them improve their lives permanently. J. Edgar Hoover was correct in a sense.
The Panthers' message was a direct and serious threat to the capitalist status quo. The danger was not that the group would manage an armed coup and take over the government. Empowering people to stop facilitating their own oppression was far more frightening."

Emory Douglas